Sunday, January 9, 2011

More Meal Ideas

I thought today that I'd just jot down some of my favorite breakfast, lunch and snack ideas. Hopefully one or two of these will sound good to you, and you can incorporate them into your repertoire. I think it's easier for moms to figure out how to cook real food for dinner... meat and veggies will do! But breakfasts and lunches are harder because they are the ones that have really been hijacked in the quest for convenience.


Organic, pastured eggs (see previous post)

Organic, grass fed beef sausage (see previous post)

Smoothies (see previous post)

Country hashbrowns - put organic potatoes in crock pot the night before. In the morning, remove potatoes, roughly chop, and add to organic, pastured butter or coconut oil in skillet. Crisp up the skin, and add leftover chicken, various veggies, and plenty of celtic sea salt (Wholefoods or online) and fresh ground pepper. Yummy. A great way to fill bellies! You can get 5 lbs of organic russet potatoes for $3.49 at whole foods. Surely you'll have leftovers!

Rice grits - I take organic, brown rice, and run it through my designated rice grinder ($10 burr coffee grinder from walmart). Soak with a little apple cider vinegar overnight, and in the morning, cook on the stovetop for 20 minutes. Add some pastured, organic butter and/or raw cheese (Trader Joes)... or raw honey (local, preferably), celtic sea salt and cracked pepper - whatever sounds good to you!

Baked Oatmeal -

Raw milk Yogurt - Pasteurized milk yogurt is super easy, but I still haven't worked the kinks out yet on the raw version! I'll keep you updated!


Various vegetable or vegetable/meat stews (see previous post)

Salad (see previous post)


Hotdogs - Yep. I said it. Not a real food, but sometimes you just need something fast! You can get Organic, beef, nitrite free hotdogs from most any grocery store these days for around $4.99 a package. That is the price at whole foods. You can get non-organic, (but no icky stuff), beef, nitrite free hotdogs at Trader Joes for $3.99 /lb. I serve these without the buns, with organic condiments and chopped raw onion. Usually a side of fruit goes with it. I don't want to think about how hotdogs are made... but I'm just going to repeat "baby steps" and march on to the next entree...

Chicken breast - It really takes no time at all to saute a chicken breast. Serve it with fruit or a salad. Chicken breasts have very little fat, and so you'll need to make sure you are serving it with some fat alongside.

Rainbow Plate - Don't be afraid to just pile a plate up with Raw cheese (Trader Joes), Organic Apple slices, Organic Baby Carrots (Sams), Organic Celery, Sunflower butter (Trader Joes), and Cherry Tomatoes (Sams). This is plenty of food for lunch, and packed with nutrition. Make sure you do have a fat, though, to digest all of those great vitamins. Sometimes I'll give all of us a spoonful of coconut oil too just for extra measure.


Popcorn - By far my favorite snack to make around here is popcorn. I buy organic popcorn from the bulk section at Whole foods. It's very inexpensive. I heat some coconut oil in a pan on the stovetop, add the popcorn, and let it go! Meanwhile, I melt some organic, pastured butter to pour over the top. Don't forget the Celtic sea salt. This is so filling and a whole food. It's a grain, but again, you gotta do what you gotta do. :)

Fruit and Cheese - We also snack on fruit and raw cheese. A lot. Organic raisins were prescribed by our pediatrician for my son when he had low iron, so we eat these for snacks too (make sure to eat with a protein like sunflower butter for blood sugar reasons)

Custard - a snack and a dessert, homemade custard is yummy! Mix 5 pastured egg yolks with 2 cups of pastured cream and 1/2 cup of honey. Bake individual ramekins in water bath at 425 for 40-60 minutes, until a knife inserted comes out clean. We then refrigerate and eat them cold.

Homemade Yogurt and berries - I buy frozen berries from Sams and stir them in frozen

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