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Here's a list of where I get products just in case you don't have sources yet. I'd also LOVE to hear of anything anyone knows of that might be better... especially for a CSA for produce. I haven't joined one yet because I am not sure that it is worth the investment for those of us on a super tight budget - I tend to pick the cheapest and most filling veggies to stretch my dollar - so don't want that decided for me - But I LOVE the idea of supporting local farmers and also getting super fresh food grown in nutrient dense soil.


Laurel Creek Meats:

Some of the prices are not correct, like - ground beef is $3.99 /lb instead of the $3.40/lb that the site lists. However, this price includes tax, so it's still a great deal. I purchase ground beef and roasts from them.

Gourmet Pasture Beef:

If you order more than 10 lbs of ground beef, they give you a 10% discount, making ground beef $4 / lb. I'm ordering here this month to see which I like better. They dry age and grass finish, which is nice. I am also going to order some of the less expensive roasts - the $14.99 ones. They are 3-4 lbs, making the price anywhere from $5 to $3.75 per pound.

UPDATE: At the downtown Nashville Farmer's Market, the Mennonite gentleman sells ground beef for $3.50 / lb. I bought some from him today, and then met another merchant that cut me a deal for 12 lbs of ground beef for $20. His meat is even certified organic and grass fed and finished. Why so cheap, you ask? Well, his normal price is typically $3.99/lb but he had extra that he needed to sell.

Of course, if you have the means and freezer space to buy a whole or half cow, that is the way to go. There are several farmers I would be happy to give you the names of.


Laurel Creek Meats: $3.50/lb for a whole chicken $3.00 /lb for a whole chicken
Nashville farmers market: $2.65/ lb for a whole chicken


Laurel Creek Meats: $4.00 / dozen
Various co-ops for raw milk: $2 / dozen and up (where I get mine)
Nashville Farmers Market: $3.25 / dozen


Coconut oil, Palm oil, Cocoa powder, dried herbs, dried mushrooms, cocoa powder, elderberry for colds:
(please let me know if you are ordering and I'll go in with you - shipping is crazy for a few items but goes down the more you buy)

Olive oil:

-organic bulk grains (oats, rice, raisins, quinoa, etc)
-organic apples (in bags)
-some organic veggies (varies weekly)
-organic potatoes (in bags)
-organic tomato paste in glass jars
-organic frozen veggies
-celtic sea salt

-raw cheese
-organic mushrooms
-some organic veggies (varies weekly)
-organic frozen veggies
-brown rice noodles
-organic apple sauce
-cherry tomatoes (sometimes reasonably priced)
-almond flour
-coconut milk (in a can - the real thing - I know.. BPA... I might be taking this off the list)
-sour cream
-Dr. Bronner's liquid soap (I fill foam dispensers at every sink, and use it for my face and in the shower for the whole family)

-organic bananas
-organic apples (if around $1 /lb - otherwise Wholefoods)
-some organic veggies (varies weekly)
-organic herbs (only if on closeout - which they always seem to be)
-organic mushrooms

-organic spinach
-organic salad mix
-organic baby carrots
-frozen blueberries
-frozen mixed berries
-cherry tomatoes
-imported cheeses (varies weekly, look on label for raw)

My lists (in my head) for each store make for super quick trips. I know what I'm going in for each time and I know everything else in the store is not for me so I don't even have to look! :)

Here's a good tip for anyone that does not live in Nashville... just look up raw milk co-ops in your area, and contact the point person. Even if you do not want to purchase raw milk, they can probably point you to farmers that produce beef, chicken, and veggies in your area.

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