Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why Bother... and the Truth about Fat

Why Bother?

It's a phrase that pops into my mind every week or so when I just don't feel like cooking anymore... or spending money on food anymore... and I want to just throw in the towel and start eating $2 frozen pizzas and ramen noodles. Every. Night. After all, I believe that the Lord has numbered our days, and there is not a thing in the world that I can do to change it. In fact, I recently heard of a woman who was telling the story of her "healthy eating mentor" - who taught her everything she knows, loves, and follows, in the way of preparing traditional, nourishing foods... who, herself, ate a truly traditional, natural diet for years and years... and... who recently died of cancer in her 50's. Does that make me want to throw out everything this woman practiced in order to find a better way? No. But it's a good reminder to all of us that we are not in control.

But then...... there is Stewardship.

That's what it always boils down to for me. I know that I should do what I can to be the best steward of my body and of my family's bodies. I happen to truly enjoy and find it fascinating to learn what food and exercise does to our bodies in a cause and effect relationship, and I find it equally enjoyable to cook food and eat it :)

Quick disclaimer: Those who do not enjoy or spend time researching nutrition for their families are not being poor stewards, necessarily. It's a person by person thing, just like with everything else. We moms should NOT judge what others feed their children. What's right for one family might not be right for another. And this works both ways. Don't judge the mom feeding her kids cream-filled ho-ho's for breakfast everyday, and don't judge the mom feeding her kids kombucha :)

Anyway, for US, I have found that our diet TRULY affects our family's quality of life and capacity. We just aren't USEFUL when we aren't well. And I know... I cannot control everything. When the Lord chooses for us to be sick - we'll be sick. But I do know that somewhere, mixed in with God's sovereignty, is our right to choose. And our choices affect our lives. We can choose to live in a way that that brings capacity to our family, or takes capacity away. This applies to all areas of our lives - not just with food - BTW.

You know what? One day, our family may serve the Lord in Africa, or India, or some country where our food choices are limited at best. What will I do then? Continue to be a good steward. Trust the Lord. Do the best I can with what I have. Try not to make our health an idol. And one day our circumstances right here in America may be such that ramen noodles are the only thing I CAN serve my family.

So anyway, when you are having a "Why Bother" day... just remind yourself that you are a steward of the family and finances that the Lord has given you, and you are accountable for them. Press on. Or... if it's REALLY a bad day... give em the ramen noodles... then press on the next day.

On a different note, today, a friend of mine asked me why I think the fat from pastured cows is healthy. After all, we've all been told to eat as LITTLE animal fat as we can. Now listen... I actually SAVE the fat from my ground beef and cook with it. Woo - hoo! I'm CRAY -Z!!! :) I know, I know.... But anyway, she was wondering why I didn't think it caused heart disease... well... if something has been said very well already, why re-state it? Here are some great links:



And low and behold, while I was writing this, I received this section of an article in my inbox:

"Washington Redskins catch on to Healthy Habits" was the headline of a Washington Post article about Jane Jakubezak, nutritionist for the Washington, DC football team (9/16/10). Thanks to Jane's urging, veteran running back Clinton Portis now eats lean protein and vegetables, avoids butter and cream, and shuns his mother's comfort foods. The diet Jakubezak recommends for these star athletes includes whole grain cereal, skim milk, energy shakes, lowfat chocolate milk (after workouts), lean meat, egg white omelets, peanut butter and jelly, and lots and lots of whole wheat bread. By Thanksgiving, the Redskins had the longest list of injured players in the league - fourteen in all, including Portis. By contrast, the Philadelphia Eagles, whose trainers recommend a more caveman-like diet and pickle juice during practice, have one of the lowest injury rates in the league.

It's not about heart disease per se, but it is in favor of a traditional diet including lots of healthy fat!

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